Stud Partitions

Constructed from either aluminium or wood, stud partitions are the most and cost effective way of separating spaces. With the addition of rockwool insulation provides extra sound deadening. Finished in varies ways, for the budget option cover strips are used on the plasterboard joints. For the more aesthetically pleasing option tape and jointing or plastering will give a seamless join to the plasterboard. Windows and doors easily set within the wall make this choice suitable for almost every application.

Glass Partitions

For the more generous budgets glass partitions are the must have. Coming in various styles, framed with almost any colour of metal work you desire to frame less for the sleek look. Doors can be inset made from wood and even a glass. Need some privacy then and internal blind can be added to double glazed units. For the wow factor LCD switchable glass which gives you privacy at the flick of switch. Manifestation of company logos or a design of your choice can provide permanent privacy while still allowing through the natural light.

Bespoke Partitions

Looking for something out of the ordinary? We can construct partitions from a huge variety of materials. Current trends see a lot of wooden structures. Ply wood and OSB board can be seen in many fit out projects. Even poly carbonate sheets have been used in recent a project. Maybe the addition of over sized sliding doors? Have you got a need for something bespoke, get in touchand tell us your ideas.